Think Of A World At Peace


Think of a world where love is given and received in equal measure
where every parent values the selfhood of their children and demonstrates every day their love for that child
where no hand is ever raised against another in anger but only in kindness and blessing and to share the good and necessary things of life
Think of a world where money is valued only for the good it can do
where physical strength is prized only for its ability to build a better world and protect the weak
where each person’s physical body and emotional feelings are truly respected as their own and never transgressed without that person’s conscious permission
where words are used to describe the thing they really belong to rather than to threaten or pull someone else down
Think of a world where we smile at one another
where we can look each person straight in the eye without anyone flinching
a world where joy is given out and received as a natural sweet thing
Think of a world where no one steals from the boss and no one wants to because each worker is valued for their intrinsic worth and given work to do that they can do well
Think of a world where we give and receive happily, but mostly exchange in fair measure where every person of wisdom who has skills to help smooth out problems between people is given the means to spend their life doing just that
for we are often weak and don’t know how to smooth out our own
Think of a world where colour, size, shape, hairiness or lack of hair, big feet or small, brown eyes or blue, just the look of a person, all these things don’t matter at all
where only the smile on your lips and in your eyes, the kindness and love you express matters to everyone else
Think of a world where we have learned anew what it is to love one another and ourselves
This will be a world at peace.


Beryl is a five-time Australian author. Although gentle and loving in her relationships, she's always fought for the right of each person to make their own decisions. That includes her five children. It took longer to learn to stand up for herself. Many of us take a long time to learn that, don't we? Others see her strength, not always understanding the long journey she's been on to become more self determining. Beryl would appreciate your feedback: [email protected] | | + 61 3 9569 1412

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