Things Will Get Better When….


I seem to have spent a lot of my life with that mantra running through my head. The bit that follows changes regularly – sums of money in the bank, shiny new car in garage, tropical holiday on the horizon, but what remains constant is that everything is in the future. I have struggled to enjoy what is here now because I have been certain that what comes next will be so much better.

Except when the next thing comes along I am too busy focusing on what will follow to appreciate it. It’s hard work. And it’s no fun. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have goals, far from it. Without goals we drift through life. But when a goal is achieved celebrate it, enjoy what is, take the time to recognise what you have done.


Living in the now and mindfulness are bandied about a lot these days but don’t dismiss it as a fad, take a look at the concept. My mother always used to say ‘tomorrow never comes’, and of course I used to roll my eyes at that. But it doesn’t and we need to hop off the treadmill and make the most of today every day. A friend recently died very suddenly from a heart attack, despite to all appearances being very healthy. He never reached his tomorrow and didn’t have a chance to enjoy his today. So, don’t spend all your time chasing the future, find the best in every day and live without regrets.

John Shackleton CSP


John Shackleton CSP is an ex swimming coach, performance expert and is passionate about helping businesses raise their game.

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