There Are Moments In Your Life That Will Go Beyond Explanation


I am moving office shortly, and I'm having one of those massive clean outs we should have every year and rarely do.

So you find yourself sitting on the floor, reading stuff that you had long since forgotten you had kept. Some things you're not sure why you even bothered, and others you know exactly why.

This is something I've held onto for over 20 years, and when you read it you will see why. It is a quote I discovered when I was writing my first book about high performing teams ‘Shift Your But' and it goes like this:

"There are moments of glory that go beyond the human expectation, beyond the physical and emotional ability of the individual.

Something unexplainable takes over and breathes life into the known life.

One stands on the threshold of miracles that one cannot create it a state of grace, or an act of faith, or an act of God.

It is there, and the impossible becomes possible.

The team goes beyond itself; they transcend the natural. They touch a piece of heaven and become the recipients of power from an unknown source.

The performance almost becomes a holy place where a spiritual awakening seems to take place.

The team becomes swept up in the action around them, they almost float through the performance drawing on forces they had never previously been aware of."

This is from a book called ‘Sport and Identity' written by Patsy Neal in 1972.

Couldn't throw that out now could I?

Ann Andrews CSP
MD The Corporate Toolbox



Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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