The World is Full of Serious Situations. Are You Accidentally Making It Worse?

by Guest Expert

The world is full of serious situations - and your focus DOES make a difference.

The question then becomes: Are you making it better or worse?

The problem with thinking about situations is that your mind naturally focuses towards pain and problems. So within about 10 seconds of thinking about the situation, you will naturally start thinking about potential pain, potential problems - your mind starts to imagine what else could happen, what might have happened. And because your mind thinks in vivid pictures (and is still focused on pain and problems) you start imagining fearful images - and then you start worrying.

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want.

So where is YOUR focus? When you focus on your own feelings of resistance - how your body feels every time you think about an uncomfortable situation (regardless of how uncomfortable those sensations are feeling) is when you stay away from your mind's crazy imaginings. When it is a big situation - like a natural disaster - you are going to be triggered BIG time. It is really important to stay out of the crazy imaginings of your mind and stay focused on what your body is feeling.

Remember to face yourself - if you are feeling uncomfortable emotions, then you need to face those emotions by feeling them in your body. Resistance always clears when your emotions are felt purely as sensations in your body. Whenever you use your imagination to worry about a disaster, or a financial crisis or WHATEVER; you are in the process of energetically re-creating it. Where is most peoples' focus? Most people are constantly thinking. Thinking and worrying - about pain and problems.

Negative thinking is the biggest killer of humanity.

Wherever your focus is, you naturally start tuning in to that frequency - a bit like tuning into a radio station. What you are thinking about determines how you are feeling. How you are feeling determines the frequency you are tuning in to. Negative thinking and worrying tunes you in to the frequency of neediness, judgment, jealousy and fear. If you are thinking fearfully, YOU will 'tune in' to other people thinking fearful thoughts; and you will start feeling fearful.

Because we are all tuned in energetically to each other, EVERYTHING we think and feel has a bearing on another. See how resisting how we feel creates a continuous cycle of resistance - which is felt by everyone? That is why those of us who have some self-awareness need to shift our focus to self-focus. Whenever you feel yourself reacting to your thoughts, remember to self-focus and feel the sensations of that reaction in your body. Focus on how your body is FEELING.

You see, what happens when you worry about someone - and you are suppressing a huge amount of resistant energy at the same time, is that the person you are mentally 'tuned' into will feel your resistant energy. If you are anxious, they will feel anxious. If you are fearful, they will feel fear.

Remember that we are all energetically connected.

Discipline yourself to STOP thinking about everyone elses' pain and problems. When you catch yourself thinking about someone else, bring your awareness back into the sensations felt in your body. Every time you focus on the feeling of any resistance you have - you will be away from the madness of your mind's imaginings.

Stopping yourself from feeling the sensations of resistance leads to thoughts of judgments, neediness, jealousy and fear. Remember to stand your ground; STOP thinking; and focus on feeling.

Jacqui Olliver is a Relations Strategist, Healer, Author & Motivator Speaker

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