The Power of Asking


I am constantly amazed that one of the biggest keys to success is so simple, yet so powerful. I truly believe that one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is the power to 'just ask'...

I am not talking about asking the universe to help me with some major life issue, but tangible things like "can I have a raise?", "would you like to go out for a coffee?" or "can I write an article in your new book?"

Randy Pausch, former Carnegie Mellon Professor and inspirational speaker, explained in his book "The Last Lecture" the power of 'just asking'.

While waiting with his father to go on the monorail at Disneyland, his Dad commented it would be great to sit at the front, but then added "they would never let us in the driver's cabin."  Randy (a former Imagineer at Disney Studios), said he knew a secret to sitting in the front and he would demonstrate it to his father.  Going up to the driver he asked "can we sit in the front with you please?". "Of course" the driver said, and away they went...

Just 'asking' is one of the most underused, yet most powerful tools we have at our disposal!  I know in my life I have had some great successes when I just politely asked for what I was seeking.  On most occasions a 'no' is what you were going to get anyway if you didn't ask!  However if the answer is 'yes', this could change the rest of your life!

Remember - most people regret what they did not do in life, rather than what they did do...


Tom O'Neil is a leading international specialist in human potential and personal achievement, he is an author and contributor in career achievement to various global career guides and software packages.

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