The Magi


They are alternately referred to as the "Three Kings" and the "Three Wise Men". They had each achieved a position of power and were respected for their wisdom.

Wouldn't some people say that of you? (There is no room for false modesty here.)

They were not content to rest on their achievements; they went looking for greater power and wisdom. And they were willing to give a handsome gift when they found it.

Would people say that about you?

For 2011, consider focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Take your strengths to the next level. As a leader, you will need to challenge those you lead to do the same. Begin the new year with a plan and a commitment to up your game while mentoring others to do the same.

How to:

  • Identify your three or five greatest personal assets - the traits that have made you successful.
  • Determine what else you could learn that would make those assets even more valuable to you and your organization. 
  • Find the books, courses and people who can help you take your abilities to the next level. 
  • To help others, do what has been suggested in this column before: 

    o Write down your ideas - Steve Blue did and his book, "Burnarounds" is a stellar example
    o Develop courses - Do-It-Yourself, in-house training is effective even if it is not smooth and polished
    o Be a mentor - challenge others as you would like to be challenged; teach as THEY would like to be taught

2011 is here - make the best of it!

Chuck Reaves CSP, CPAE, CSO


Chuck Reaves CSP, CPAE is the founder of Twenty-One Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based sales training and consulting company.

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