The Future is Now


In modern society obsolesce is a constancy.

Product life cycles have been to concertinaed in to narrow windows of opportunity.
Education was, in the recent past, the pathway to success and to wealth. Intellectual property was the currency of commerce. Both are less so today. World-wide, it is estimated that the amount of knowledge doubles every 18 months. Not even news mavens can keep up that pace. Patents are difficult to invoke, protect and sustain.
At the recent 2012 convention for the National Insurance Brokers of Australia I was asked to deliver a customised address on the topic, “Future Customers”.
After considerable deliberation I concluded that in business there is no future and no past... only now. The future has arrived.
In short, he, she or they who hesitates is lost.
The past and the future are simply the prisms through which we have, do and will view, appreciate and apply the “now”.
It is a salient point for politicians, public servants and corporate bureaucrats. Perhaps committees, reports and white papers are necessarily obsolete.
Now.... that leads to a simple philosophy.
Ready, Aim, Fire.
Barry Urquhart, Managing Director or Marketing Focus is Australia’s foremost consultant, researcher, author and conference keynote speaker on customer service and consumer behaviour.


Barry Urquhart, MD Marketing Focus, Perth, is the author of Australia's top two selling books on customer service and is an internationally recognised authority on consumer behaviour and creative visual marketing.

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