The 2010 Success Attitude


To succeed ... You need to find something to hold onto, something to motivate you and something to inspire you." Tony Dorsett. What a great quote in an era when the world has changed and will again in the future. No successful person has arrived at their destination without some challenges, so although you may have experienced past and ongoing challenges, it is a time of onwards and upwards.

Another great quote is this one:

The difference between success and failure is small, but the impact is huge.

If it is success you want, then it's time to move forward with a different mindset. Some of the old methods of doing business most definitely still work...but it's time to readjust to new ideas. Here are seven tips.

Explode your Comfort Zones - If you are not or have not tried anything new in your business forward, then it's time to do it. There's plenty of freebies on and off line or attend a course or workshop.

Climbing the Success Ladder - The world is waiting for your business, keep on with the basics. Here's another great quote - if you are not making miss-takes, then you aren't trying anything new. Is this you?

Make it Happen Skills - Social Media is the world's latest craze. If you are not trying that, what is the new skill that you need to learn to move forward? Is it a new marketing idea, advertising or networking group? Do you need to outsource or get a mentor to help you succeed?

Embracing the Curves - You don't need to know everything but you need to know where you can source the information your business requires. Everything on your road to success is a learning curve - so embrace learning instead of being wary of it.

If it's to be -It's up to me - Motivating your self is often a challenge as you learn new skills, implement them and move forward. Remind yourself of your goals for yourself and you owe it to yourself to achieve them.

Energetic Success - If you are not healthy, succeeding can become a chore. Take care of your health and make changes to increase your energy and feel better on your journey.

Take Ownership - For your life, your business and your dreams. Don't rely on others to make it work for you - knuckle down and be responsible for your own success. It is okay to ask for help to succeed.

Get Over it - If you've had some hiccups over the last twelve months get over it and explore a new way of business. Every successful person has had a mentor or coach sometime in their life.


Janice Davies is an attitude trainer, professional speaker, business trainer and author. Unleashing people's potential is her passion; helping people unlearn old negative habits and re-learn new techniques, to create a positive attitude to life.

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