The Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries in the World


This info came into my inbox today and I have to say that I was surprised (and somewhat delighted) with a few of the results, i.e. that NZ beats Australia (sorry but we NZers take a lot of flack from Australia particularly when we are playing them at cricket. Our guys are so nice and polite and the Aussies are so NOT!)

You can read the full article here - but mostly I wanted to post the comments. I just love the humour of some of the respondents:


  • Notice how the weather sucks in most of the countries, other than Australia/New Zealand. Just sayin'.


  • NZ is not dependant on natural resources, actually. It's almost impossible to mine anything without people getting up in arms. Sustainable farming and tourism make up the bulk of what goes on. And besides, this isn't to do with wealth anyway. It's to do with prosperity, which is different.


  • Guess what... the top 8 are totally depended on natural resources for their wealth. That's right. Oil and wood. Canada also beats the U.S. on pollution. So I guess the lesson for the U.S. is to reform the environmental protection agency and give it a two mission mandate. Protect the environment without destroying jobs. The rest are depending on banking. Well you know the political points this administration is trying to score with banks.


  • Finland is experiencing a really bad crisis. That is what comes of relying on wood extraction and a single brand of cell phones. A strong belief in austerity policies and a very right-wing government are not exactly helping.


  • The Netherlands is losing its famous "live and let live" ethos but is still a pretty pleasant place to live in. Except for the weather, of course.


  • Norway was already prosperous when they found oil. The discovery worried them as much as it elated them, as they feared the new it would foster corruption and increase inequality. So they made sure it didn't.


  • Population plays a huge role and in some ways it is not realistic to compare huge and tiny countries. One other factor is that most of the top ten richest countries belong to the EU and benefit from a huge 500 million common market that is effectively a home market (despite very little political integration in the EU for now). If most of these countries were completely and really independent they would have to be blessed with Norway's oil reserves to make it to the top.


  • How can anyone take this seriously when Singapore isn't even in the top 10? It has a superior health system, great business ecosystem and education system compared to that of Canada and Norway. 


  • I was wondering the same thing - could be because of the 'personal freedom' indicator.


  • To move to Canada, you basically just show up with some money and no criminal record. Surprised more Americans don't move here if things are so bad down south. Probably a good thing as our housing prices are already too high.


So there you have it – humour alive and well. Hope it makes you chuckle.

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