The Simple Things Are Usually The Ones That Make Us Money


Occam's Razor says that given two possible answers to a problem, the simpler one is usually right. If we applied this ancient idea to business, we'd make a lot more money.

The Simple vs. The Complex
I find that business owners who succeed know how to sift through the Tyranny of the Urgent and focus on the Priority of the Important.  To that end, it almost always seems that the Simple things are what make us successful, and the Complex things are what make us busy.

I make money doing the Simple things - connecting with people, returning a phone call, scheduling a paying event.  I waste time doing the Complex things that seem hard to do, but in fact are usually easy for me - building a fancy spreadsheet, answering complex emails, researching something to death.  All of these things make me impressed with myself, and others are impressed with me, too.  But rarely do the Complex things make me money, they just make me busy.

The Complex things are where we look and feel product, the Simple things are where we actually are productive.  The Simple things make us effective, the Complex things make us Efficient (efficiency without effectiveness is a waste of resources).

The Simple things are where I succeed.

The irony is that the Simple things more often than not are hard to do, and the Complex things are easy to do.

The Complex things are where I hide.  When faced with some simple thing that will make me money but I find hard to do, I look around for some Complex thing I can do that will waste my time but make me feel I’m being productive.  Successful business owners know what the Simple things are that will push them forward, and they focus their time and attention there.

Managers deal with the Complex, leaders deal with the Simple.  Lead your business - stay focused on those few simple things that will make you more money in less time.

The Simple vs. Complex

Simple = Hard to do.  We are effective and succeed here.

Complex = Easy to do.  We are efficient and hide here.


Chuck Blakeman, founder of the Crankset Group - a worldwide business advisory, is the author of the #1 Rated Business Book of 2010 in the U.S., Making Money Is Killing Your Business.

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