The Importance of Story Telling in B2B Marketing


Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective ways to transfer information from one person to another. It has been used as an important communications tool in the B2C world for many years. However, the B2B world can also use storytelling to communicate more effectively with other organizations. If you don’t think this is true, then these reasons to use story telling might change your mind.

Story Telling Paints Mental Pictures

The purpose of telling a story is to make sure people remember the details of the topic you are talking about. This is not always easy to accomplish. When it’s done well, story telling makes it easy for listeners to easily understand complex concepts, ideas and strategies. After listening to a compelling story, it’s also easier for other business representatives to remember details and pass on information to other people.

People Respect a Company or Brand More

Trust and loyalty play a huge role in B2B marketing. The story that surrounds the brand is as important as what the product or service does. Recalling how your business came into existence and what it stands for, are two effective ways to earn this trust and loyalty. This type of story is not fiction, but it can still be as interesting and compelling as a story you make up. If the story of your business is presented in the proper way, it can create strong business relationships that will last a long time into the future.

You Connect with Other Business Owners

Most business owners have faced the same hurdles and experienced the same things in their business lives. This type of communication breaks down many of the barriers that often exist in the business world. When you tell stories in the B2B world, other business owners can often relate to the information contained in your message. This is especially true when you give details about your business and the products and services you provide.

Great Story Telling Deals with Emotions

Many decisions are made based on emotions rather than logic. If you can trigger certain emotions through storytelling, it can open up huge opportunities for you and your business that you did not realise existed.

For example, desire is an extremely strong emotion you can trigger through effective stories about you, your business and the products and services you provide. This could include stories about a particular service you provide and how the life of the listener will be so much better if they use your service. This is difficult to achieve using other methods, but storytelling has the edge when it comes to triggering emotions that lead to important decisions being made by other business owners.

Most people like story telling because they have grown up listening to stories and learning from them. This makes them the perfect vehicle to transfer information from one business to another. They are not always used as effectively as they could be in the B2B world, but as you can see they have the potential to explain things better, gain respect, break down communication barriers and tap into people’s emotions.


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