The Glutton at the Picnic


Lately, because I am in WA which is mining state, and we have been on such a boom, the softening of the market has been very well publicised.

What this means is, there are businesses who have been literally “order taking” for the last 5-10 years who are now having to get pro-active on 

business development for the first time instead of simply being re-active.


It’s an interesting time and one that reminds me of a very instructive analogy…


That of the Glutton at the PICNIC 


Picture if you will, a picnic scene in the middle of a big open green park


There are a row of tables set up and there is a wonderful spread laid out for all those assembled.


There are people lined up politely with their plastic plates waiting to get their turn at the table.


Suddenly there is an angry roar of thunder and it starts bucketing down with rain.


Someone throws a tarpaulin down over the food and everyone runs for the dry sanctuary of their cars.


Now imagine that, unlike everyone else, 3 people remain out on the oval, close to the tables, in the rain




Now as the rain stops and the storm clouds clear who will get the best selection of food?


That’s right, it will be the ones who were prepared to get wet and brave the weather 


This is a great analogy for business and business development


If you are prepared to keep marketing, keep building relationships and building value in the marketplace, even when conditions are not good, when things turn, as they always do, who will get the lion's share of the business ?


On the other hand if you tighten up and go hide in the car (in this case the safety of doing nothing, spending nothing and investing nothing)


When things turn where will you be positioned ?


Quite possibly you will be almost forgotten.


So my question for you is this…


What can you consistently do to stay pro-active and top of mind in your market ??


Better still, what are you doing right now?


Ask this at your next sales or board meeting


John Blake 


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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