Team Difficulties; Why is This So Hard

by Guest Expert

What makes them work (or not). Have you ever stopped to think about why it's so difficult to get teams working in the right direction?
  1. Different people want different things from their work.
  2. Different personal styles/personalities.
  3. Interpersonal communication preferences.
  4. Power struggles and competing agendas.
  5. Politics.
  6. Lack of participation.
  7. Members who reject new ideas because “we’ve never done it that way before.”
  8. People with a constant sense of negativity.
  9. Team that agrees on everything too quickly just to avoid conflict.
  10. Lack of adequate support and resources.
  11. Ineffective leadership.
  12. Favoritism.
  13. Members or leaders resistant to change.
  14. Groupthink (no diversity in ideas).
  15. Lack of skills on the team.
  16. Lack of compromise.
  17. Trust issues.
  18. No shared focus.
  19. And loads of other potential problems.


Ben Eubanks

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