Stewards Of Time


It's always a good time to consider time - how you spent your days last year, last month or last week, and how you plan to spend them now and in the future. Time is a great symbol of equality. Despite the income we earn, and what money we have in the bank, we all have an equal amount of time to spend. So the value we get for our time is totally dependent upon our stewardship. We have an equal opportunity with everyone else. How refreshing!

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Ian Williams, the founder of Kairos NZ has won awards for service delivery in business excellence, and was Assessor of the Year for The International People Management Standard, Investors in People, for whom he is an international assessor. He is qualified in people management, coaching and business excellence, which places him well as a business mentor. He also works as a volunteer prison chaplain, with a dedication for re-building lives and reducing re-offending.

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