Spreading Your Message: How to Be an Industry Leader via Video

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Getting your voice heard and establishing yourself as a leader in your field is much more difficult today with the amount of competition online fighting for the audience’s attention. And yet, the internet is also how you can set yourself apart from your competitors, establish your voice, and reach more people than ever before. Software such as video conferencing can help with this immensely, particularly software that allows you to transmit video to a large amount of people at the same time. Here are just a few ways to get you started:
  1. Make Your Meetings All-Inclusive

Surprisingly enough, including your colleagues and establishing an even playing field during employee meetings will do much more for your reputation as a leader than taking charge of everything would. Smallbiztrends recommends including all employees during the decision making process through the use of online meetings. Video conferences differ from the traditional board room as every participant has their face displayed in a window of equal size, which psychologically makes everybody feel as if they are in equal standing, making them feel included and valued. Learning to delegate properly, encouraging communication, and listening to the input of each of your colleagues will go a long way towards them respecting you as a leader. If you demonstrate that you respect them and their opinions, they will respect you too and trust your decisions.

  1. Host a Seminar

One of the best ways to use corporate video casting such as BlueJeans software to your advantage is by using to host a seminar, networking event, industry conference, or any kind of group get-together. Many top sales people have used them as a way to draw in new customers from all over the world, host company conferences for a low cost, or simply to improve their reputation as a leader in their field. Freelancing portal Twago recommends that one of the best ways you can spread a message cheaply and gain profit back from it is by giving away some useful information for free, such as through a webinar. It is a similar principle to how companies which sell physical products give away free samples to make people more likely to buy them in the future.

  1. Listen to Your Audience

Most seminars or online events contain a question and answer session at the end, sometimes taking up half of the allotted schedule, for audience members to present their questions and thoughts. This is an important part of any event not only to build rapport with your audience and demonstrate how you can solve their problems but also to provide you with an opportunity to listen to their specific concerns. You can use this information to develop a better product or service which solves common problems your customers experience or discover which concerns you should be focusing on. People will respect you as an industry leader much more if they not only hear your information but feel as if you listen to them and find solutions to their problems.

  1. Social Media

An added bonus of webinars is that you can save them on cloud storage, upload them to video sharing sites such as YouTube, and have your viewers share them on their social media channels, providing you with more backlinks and some free marketing. Social media is commonly cited as a great tool for spreading a message and any industry leader worth their salt should definitely have a strong social media presence. Don’t restrict yourself only to text posts. Creating and sharing interesting and informative video clips, such as the example stated above, will provide you with some memorable content that will be much more likely to grab the consumer’s eye over the thousands of other posts on their dashboard.

  1. Viral Content

Viral content is also regarded as one of the most useful methods of reaching a lot of people all at once, such as the famous Ice Bucket Challenge which raised a lot of awareness and funds for ALS. The downside is that nobody can predict what content will become viral, how long it will stay viral, and whether the intended reaction will be positive or negative. The best thing you can do is create the best content you can, such as an engaging seminar, and spread it around as much as possible and if you are lucky, your video will go viral and create a buzz about you or your cause.

Video conferencing is a great tool for building your reputation or spreading word about your cause as it is a two way communication method, not a one way method. Use it to your advantage to build a connection with your audience, develop bonds with the people you work with, find out what people are looking for, and develop great content that viewers will want to share with others.


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