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A quick run-down of the new business ideas that caught the attention of this week

springwise1 (Image) An online store in 60 seconds
Financial services / Retail

To set up a store, users simply indicate which products they'd
like to sell, at what prices and whether they'd like to donate any
portion of their sales to charity. Payments are handled by PayPal.

springwise2 (Image) Electric scooter's battery lifts out for easy charging
Transportation / Eco & sustainability

A big problem with electric vehicles is lack of access to a charging
facility. The Yogo electric scooter solves this with a battery that can
be removed and conveniently recharged in the home or office.

springwise3 (Image) Smart devices to help households monitor energy use
Eco & sustainability / Homes & housing

A device to track how much water is used when showering; a
household energy management dashboard; and light switches and
power cords that show users how much energy they're using.

springwise4 (Image) Mobile dating app lets users share their whereabouts
Lifestyle & leisure / Telecom & mobile

New York-based start-up Urban Signals is a mobile application
that enables immediate in-person connections between people
who share their current location, mood and status.

springwise5 (Image) Supper club features 'stolen' recipes
Food & beverage

London's Stolen Supper Club's USP is to feature recipes inspired
by the menus of the world's best chefs. The company has
a weekly meal event, a market stall, and also does deliveries.

springwise6 (Image) Restaurant's app lets users order and pay for food
Food & beverage / Telecom & mobile

Wagamama's iPhone app lets users locate a restaurant, browse the
current menu, customise and place an order, track when it will be
ready, and even make a secure payment for the meal.

springwise7 (Image) A donation to charity for each hour wasted online
Life hacks / Non-profit, social cause

To turn time wasted online into something good and to impose a cost
incentive to do it less, ProcrasDonate tracks time spent on selected
websites and tots up a donation to the user's favourite causes.

springwise8 (Image) T-shirt uses augmented reality for webcam game
Fashion & beauty

A recent design by Swedish T-shirt manufacturer T-post lets
wearers play an online game of rock-paper-scissors with a
computer-generated arm that appears to be coming out of the shirt.


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