Six Motivating and Inspiring Tips for a Great Year (In Memory of James E. Rohn)


Flashback 1991: I had won a company sales contest that included a two hour one on one breakfast with a businessman whom millions considered one of the greatest speakers, philosophers and authors of our modern times - Mr James E. Rohn.

Prior to that, I had heard Mr Rohn speak on two previous occasions, once in Seattle, Washington and the other in Phoenix, Arizona to ballroom capacity crowds. In confirming my breakfast meeting via telephone to his Scottsdale Hilton Hotel room, Mr. Rohn said,“Rob, please call me Jim. I will be in the lobby restaurant by 7:30 am - bring your questions - I look forward to meeting you again”.

It has been over 20 years since our breakfast meeting in Arizona. Fortunately I was able to see him on a few other occasions afterwards when he spoke in the United States and Australia - the world lost a great ambassador, teacher and mentor of the human spirit when he passed away 5 December 2009.

Perhaps some of the following tips Jim shared with me at our 1991 breakfast will help motivate and inspire you to have one of your best years ever.

TIP 1: GET HEALTHY: There is nothing worse than being sick. Having a Ferrari mind set is fine; yet arriving at your destination in a VW bug body is not success. Invest 1-4% each day in keeping your body and mind fine-tuned. Stress reduction, physical conditioning, healthy eating, low or no alcohol and no smoking are minimums. There is truth in the old saying, ‘good health is true wealth’.

TIP 2: GET SERIOUS: Define your short and long term goals. Understand that being ‘successful’ in any endeavour requires a commitment and daily focus to achieve it. Becoming an authority in any field is easier with role models and mentors who have done that which you aspire to do. Cut the learning curve by adapting to their proven methods and adopting their systems until they work for you.

TIP 3: GET SMART: The libraries of the world are full of books and they are free to use. Experts have produced learning programs to save you time and enable you to learn from their examples and insights. Acquire whatever audio tapes, cd’s or books are available to help you to become competent and excel in your field.

TIP 4: GET GOING: Activity is a high priority. Doing well requires handling more failure than the average person. Get good at using the telephone to make more appointments and see more people who are able to make decisions about your products and services.

TIP 5: GET AWAY: Plan mini breaks as a reward to refresh, rejuvenate and rekindle your spirit. Having something to look forward to is a great way to stay focused on the work at hand until the rewards of achievement have been realized. Mini holidays with family or good friends can make it all worthwhile.

TIP 6: KEEP A JOURNAL: While the destination is important, the journey can be a rewarding insight as to how you arrived in style. Record your thoughts, ideas, daily or weekly experiences in a journal. One day your journals will be more valuable than your home furniture or the clothes hanging in your closet.

Rob Salisbury, B. Com., CSP, conference speaker, workshops leader and highly rated industry MC has been involved with over 2000 events in the US, Europe, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand.













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