Simple Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website


Running a website or blog can take up a lot of your time, especially as you try to figure out how to optimize every page and generate the highest amount of traffic while developing stellar content that people will want to read and share. So why would you want all of these efforts to be for naught? Wouldn’t you want your website or blog to actually make you money?

It turns out that there are several different ways that you can put your blog or website to work for you. Some of those strategies are listed below so you can figure out what will work best for you and what will generate the most passive income easily.

Incorporate Performance Marketing Strategies

Experts like John Lemp highly recommend performance marketing as the method of choice when it comes to monetizing any website or blog with ease. But if you aren’t familiar with performance marketing, you should do your research first so you can really get to know what it entails and how it can benefit you.

Put simply, performance marketing involves getting a commission through the promotion of another company’s products. So if you find products that you like and you want to help promote those products, you can do so on your website through your content and your blog posts. When people click through the links you provide and make a purchase through your specific promotion of a product, you will get paid. Done correctly, these payments can definitely add up over time, and they require little effort on your part.

Charge a Monthly Fee for Premium Content

Provided that you can really optimize and market your website or blog to the point that you have a lot of visitors coming to check out your content on a regular basis, and provided that they really want to see the content you post and they’re regularly asking for it, you can actually start charging them a membership fee.

If you can make yourself an expert in your field and a great source of valuable information in your niche, you can provide free content to tease your audience and entice them to pay for a monthly membership that will give them exclusive access to insider tips and in-depth information about whatever topics you typically discuss.

Sell Your Own Products or Services

Another way to monetize your website or blog is by starting to use it like a storefront on which you can promote your very own products or services. Whether you’re a fan of making handmade items like jewelry that you can sell to your audience, or you’re a freelancer with a skill set in web design that you can promote to gain clients from around the world, find where your strengths lie, focus on them, and promote them via your content and posts.

Have an area of your site or blog where people can contact you for more information and where they can make a purchase. While your entire website or blog does not need to focus on being a sales pitch for whatever you do, it can certainly be used to promote your talents and make extra money.

Write Product Reviews and Get Paid for Them

If you enjoy testing out products or services and you like voicing your opinions about your experiences, you should definitely consider writing paid review posts on your website or blog. The key is to find companies that are willing to give you their products to review and then pay you for your review because it will mean extra exposure for them.

Taking the paid product review or paid post route, however, requires that you disclose to your audience every time a post has been paid for. Do this to be transparent, even though you should be writing reviews honestly anyway. In other words, you should not be writing positive reviews unless you really mean it. 

Sell Ad Space on Your Site or Blog

Finally, you can take some space on your website and set it aside for banner ad space that you can then sell to the public. This can be difficult at first, so be patient.  

These are just a few of the many easy and creative methods that you can use for monetizing your blog or website in order to generate a steady stream of profits from your online presence. Be sure to always post relevant and valuable content that is specifically geared towards your target audience, and promote yourself well on social media, too, to create a strong and positive reputation.


Laura Tolentino is passionate about blogging. She writes for several blogs online. She is a manager for Smiths.

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