Should You Encourage Staff to Take Online Degrees?


Online training is an effective tool in the workplace, and encouraging your staff to take online degrees can create workers who have a better skill set and more knowledge for internal promotions. Encouraging your staff to take online degrees also means less recruitment costs for you, as rather than recruiting from outside the company you will be able to promote from within when positions arise in higher offices. However, online training is only effective when employees respond well to the whole online learning experience. In this article, we’ve put together some tips for encouraging your employees to take online degrees and courses and how to keep them motivated

Emphasize the Benefits

Employees are not going to be motivated to take an online degree course unless they fully understand the benefits of the course matter in a real-world sense. By explaining to your employees how they can benefit in terms of promotions and higher wages by taking the degree course, you are more likely to find that they will be encouraged to take part. It’s important to explain this within the initial syllabus and online training description, however it’s vital that you keep this up throughout the training to keep employees motivated to learn and compete the course.

Learning Alongside Work

Many employees become discouraged from taking extra classes or enrolling on a degree course as they believe that they will have to dedicate more hours to that and lose hours at work, leading to a lower rate of pay. Explain to your employees that by enrolling in an online degree course such as those offered by the University of South Dakota Online, or even your local community college, they will have full flexibility to schedule their learning around their working hours, meaning that there will be no need to suffer from any financial loss.

Learning from Home

Another common reason for employees to say no to enrolling on a learning program is that they don’t want to have to attend physical classes such as night school or weekend classes on top of going to work. However, with an online degree, your employees will have the ability to do all of their studying from the comfort of their own home, meaning that there is no need to travel anywhere else after work – they can simply go home and study from their sofa. This is an appealing prospect to many employees who want to further their career but don’t have the time to commit to physical classes.

More Environmentally Friendly

If like most businesses and companies you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly, encouraging your employees to choose online learning degrees is an ideal option. Since there is no need to attend physical classes and many textbooks are given in e-book or online format, studying online is much better for the environment than attending a traditional physical school.

Have you completed an online degree course alongside working in order to help further your career?


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