Seven Ways to Build Trust into your Brand


Brand Trust = Brand Loyalty

As we know, the majority of customers buy not on price, but on the perceived experience they believe they will receive.  At the end of the day, all business comes down to trust.  Trust that you can deliver your goods or services on time and at the highest level of quality.  Over time, this trust develops into brand loyalty, turning your customers into ‘fans’ of your business and what you do.
Developing a trusted brand 
What are some ways you can start to engender higher levels of ‘trust’ into your brand?

  • Give some cool stuff away - Create and give away (for free) some resources that genuinely assist your customers and meet their needs.  DO NOT try to sell anything, but become that trusted source that genuinely gives them a real competitive edge.   Focus on helping, rather than selling.
  • Be genuine and sincere in all your interactions – Like dogs that can smell fear, customers can sense someone who is not genuine and is only out for their own gain.
  • Own up to your mistakes – Not many things destroy brand equity quicker than someone telling ‘porkies’.  We all make mistakes, however showing true transparency in a trying situation will show your client that you value and respect them.  A lot of the time, it’s the ‘putting right that counts.’
  • Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy – When your customers see that you genuinely enjoy what you do, this joy can’t help but become infectious, helping your customers become your biggest fans.  If you’re not enjoying it, maybe it’s time to try something else…
  • Be community minded – If you are supportive of great causes (for example local initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity or international aid programmes such as World Vision), customers understand you are not just focused on profit and what you can get out of the deal. 
  • Always keep your promises – We can all remember a business that let us down, even if it happened years ago.  Work very hard to not be that business for someone else!
  • Decide what’s important, then stick with it!  Too many times we see a company say they stand for something, then turn around and do the opposite.  Being seen as a hypocrite is a very quick way to lose a lot of business very fast.


Aim for 'fans' not 'customers'

Remember the stronger your brand, the stronger your fan base.  At that stage your fans will have a far larger positive reach than you ever could!

Tom O’Neil


Tom O'Neil is a leading international specialist in human potential and personal achievement, he is an author and contributor in career achievement to various global career guides and software packages.

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