Seven Ways to Create Online Audio Products

by Guest Expert

All the hype about online publishing is about video, so it's easy to forget the power of online audio. It's faster to record than video, easier to edit and publish, and many people prefer it because they can listen while doing other things. Here are seven easy ways you can create audio products to promote or sell in your business.

1. Read articles out loud

If you write articles regularly for your blog or e-mail newsletter, record those articles as short audio clips, which you can upload to your Web site or blog. A one-page article turns into a 3-5 minute audio clip, and that's perfect for getting one idea across.

2. Turn your book into an audio book

This is an obvious extension of the previous idea. After all, if you can read an article out loud, you can also do the same with an entire book! Professional publishers like put a lot of work into converting their books into audiobooks (which they sell on and other such platforms). But you don't have to invest as much time and money. As long as you have a quiet room and a good microphone, it's easy to create an audiobook, which you can then sell as an MP3 download from your Web site.

3. Audio from webinar recordings

Extract the audio track from your webinar recordings and publish that separately for people to download. Of course, they won't get the same experience because your webinars should be highly visual as well. But you might be surprised just how much they can get from just listening to the audio, and that might be a more convenient way for them to consume the material.

4. Interview other experts

One of the easiest ways to create an audio product is to interview somebody else about their area of expertise, or ask them to interview you. Prepare a list of questions in advance, find a nice quiet time and space, and conduct the interview. It doesn't have to be done in the same room; you can just as easily do it by Skype.

5. Record private consulting sessions

If you do consulting, coaching, or mentoring, record the sessions and make them available later to your clients. For obvious privacy reasons, you won't make these recordings available to anybody else! But they can still be valuable to those clients.

6. Record an audio book review

When you finish reading a book, record a brief audio book review and publish it to your blog. You don't have to review the book in excruciating detail - just give your listeners an overview of the main ideas, and explain how those ideas apply in their world. You're not trying to replace their need for reading the book; rather, you're helping them get more from it when they do read it.

7. Record your presentations

If you're already making presentations, you can record them, then edit them to create an audio version. I've put this item last because it's more difficult than you might think. It sounds easy, but the dynamics of a live presentation are quite different, so it can be a challenge to convert this into a usable form.


Which of these ideas could YOU use?

These are just a few ways to create online audio, but I hope they have given you enough to get started.


Gihan Perera

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