Selling is a Discipline That Can Be Learned


For some reason non sales people seem to think that ‘selling' is difficult; that it is a personality thing, or that people who are good sales people have some kind of gift of the gab or Midas touch.

Mostly they don't. Good sales people take time to build their client base; to call on people, several times if necessary. They take time to get to know their potential clients. One of the stories from the greatest car salesman in the USA is that he knew nothing about cars, but plenty about people.

Even after someone had bought a car from him once, he didn't then throw their names in the dustbin, he sent birthday cards, and Christmas cards, sometimes for years, until the person invariably came back to him for their next car.

Because selling is actually a discipline. It is the discipline of putting in the leg work in the early stages, so you can convert those early calls into sales at some time in the future.

Very few people will buy off ANYONE the first time they are approached, no matter how wonderful their personality or their product or service.

Selling then is a long term project; it is about being patient, loving what you sell, and being willing to be in the game for the long haul.

I have attached my own initial sales sheet for you to follow. I created this in the days when we all sent out brochures, which still is a good marketing strategy. Mainly because if you send something to someone, it gives you permission to call and say ‘Hello my name is ......... did you receive the XYZ I sent you?'

Even if they say ‘No I didn't, it still gives you a brief opportunity to start a conversation.

One of the very best stories I ever heard about ‘sending' something in the mail with the aim of setting up a follow up call, was a young lass in the recruitment industry - she sent out a letter to 30 people each week saying ‘I'm in your area next week and I'd love to come and have a cuppa with you to talk about your recruitment needs' AND SHE STAPLED A TEA BAG TO THE LETTER!!

To download Sales Sheet click here.

Ann Andrews


Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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