Sales Manager - Psychopaths need not apply


Example A local Sales Manager goes a little bit crazy and ‘flies off the handle' at her staff over some mistake that was made, and storms out of the room.

A deathly silence followed…. then a salesperson mutters- 
“Well I guess our ‘Old Psycho’ didn’t get any sex last night!”.

Funny, yes, but whilst the staff used humour as their coping mechanism, it was to handle a more sinister problem – the lack of self awareness in their Sales Manager.


A vital attribute of any leader is self-awareness. It seems obvious, but what does it really mean?

It means a leader is fully aware of how their behaviour affects the people around them, especially their staff. A good leader behaves positively, and Sales Managers in particular must be known for this quality.

After all, the sales team is supposed to be the most positive group in any organisation.

Knowing that, what affect do you think ‘Psycho Manager’ had on her sales team?

Would her salespeople feel positive and motivated, or would they have the life sucked out of them?


What level of trust do the team now have in her ability?

By contrast, consider from your career examples of a positive sales leader who is self-aware.


What feelings did they evoke in you?


Have a great week selling ! 

Justin and the team


Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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