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I recently attended the NSAA (National Speakers Association of Australia's) annual convention in Melbourne. One of the speakers was Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and Creator of Lovemarks. What he had to say was music to my ears.

He started by saying; "We need to inspire people to do great things. We need to get economies moving again. And this all starts with language". So often I say to leaders; it's not what you say, but how you say it.

Kevin also said that revolutions start with language and we are currently seeing this in the Middle East countries. Behind the language is the kind of thinking that creates change.

Drowning in Process

Businesses are in process overload and it is hindering creativity and new ways of attracting the right people and creating magnificent results. The resistance is the old guard fearful of what might happen if they let the young loose and have a conversation about their thinking about things. I am at the Baby Boomer end of the spectrum and many of us are in a steep upwards curve of learning about translating the way we do business in the age of Social Media. Join it or drown. There is no option when you really thinking about it. I am not suggesting it is perfect, however are you a ‘Gaddafi' of this world, fighting to keep the status quo in your teams and business, or are you a someone who is willing to break out of their existing armour of protection?

Only yesterday I was speaking to a colleague about a client company who is drowning in process. There is no creativity or innovation and they follow ‘the book'. It is a hindrance to their business and it is showing in the bottom line. People who feel stifled will leave and take their creative talents elsewhere - somewhere, someone will value their revolutionary thinking.

Connecting leads to Action

It is time to be passionate about what you do, regardless of age or experience. If you are not sure how to become this way then take a look at Junior MasterChef Australia. The children are an inspiration and could knock the socks off a 25 year old contestant in the adult MasterChef. 50 children from 8 years - it is not a typo - and up to 12 years all created some amazing dishes in the second episode (screening now in NZ). Some were outstanding and all were good at choosing ingredients and cooking a dish that wowed the judges. The kids are creative, innovative and calm under pressure. They demonstrated how they literally think on their feet. A lot can be learned from these "Mini Chefs and Cheflings", as Matt Preston calls them. I watched how one girl was concerned that her stuffed squid started to burn. There was no panic. She looked at the clock, asked for another squid and created a dish that won her a place in the top 20.

Power of Creativity

How does this relate to you? Here are three suggestions;

EXPERIMENT with new combinations - Be unreasonable. What are the NEW ingredients for success in your business?
TEST- just like a chef always does with recipes. They don't always work perfectly.
RISK - there will always be failures, so don't hesitate - fail, learn from mistakes and fix it!

Finally take heed of the Lovemarks Guy - "we need to light the fires of emotion". I say; when are you going to create the space in your world and inspire people to ignite their flame, feel connected and take action? Maybe it starts with you? It may not feel comfortable, however, like children, when people are happy, they learn and they deliver. What are you going to do about revolutionizing your thinking?


Gilly helps people achieve insight powered breakthroughs for themselves and their businesses. She is an inspirational speaker who presents keynotes and breakouts at conferences and writes about the key ingredients for success in today’s world.

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