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Special Memories for staff; reward their work

Most businesses have major corporate events throughout the year; annual general meetings, corporate Christmas parties, and generally events where memories are made. Staff organisers, and participants have worked hard, and a great reward is to give them a nice high quality hard cover book so with which they can reminisce with fondness in the future.

These coffee table booklets are highly suitable as a reward for the employees’ hard work. They also makes a great gift to give away for retirees, major anniversaries of service, and important milestones in the history of the company.

A 24-hour printing company like can help companies, organisations, and individuals to quickly create wonderful coffee table books. These printing companies can do some pretty amazing things these days. The quality of the printers is amazing, and the software that controls the projects has come on massively over recent years.

Drawing Photos from Social Networks and Blogging Sites

When making one of these books for print, there are many places where the photos can be sourced from. You can also put in place a process where employees post photos to a central repository, such as here on Kiwi Box, in order to build a virtual scrapbook.

Kiwi Box is a web portal that allows the collection, posting, and sharing of photos and other online media. This also includes blog posts, and other content created by users. It provides social functionality not too dissimilar to Facebook and Myspace, in that it allows users to build connections and interact with those in their local area.  

The other major strength is it has a built in utility for building photo books. In 2011 it purchased Pixunity. The Pixunity platform helps users to design photo books, organise their photos and send the books for printing. This expanded Kiwi Box’s capacity to manage photos, information, and the design of coffee table books. You can register here.

Sources of Inspiration

There are numerous places where a company or organisation can look to for inspiration when designing their coffee table booklet. Booklets are printed on a range of topics, passions and interests, and a good look around online can  spark ideas.

Popular categories include landscape, major industrial projects, film, cities, and television. One of the more popular books produced last year surrounded the settings used for the popular drama Downton Abbey.

Of course, there are numerous other means through which a business can use print materials to both to enhance employee morale, and help build memories. It is a natural part of our nature to be nostalgic, and want to hang on to good memories. Encouraging this in business can create more organisational empathy, a stronger culture, and increase loyalty. 


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