Pillars of Success - Pillar #1


"The only way things are going to change for you is when you change." Jim Rohn

If you're like most people, you grew up with an ethos of "work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone, and you'll get ahead." But unfortunately, most people are wrong.


Companies flourish because of the skill behind them. People

flourish because of the skill within them. And recognition is

earned, not by sweat and determination, but by capability.


It isn't a question of working harder. That's the wrong perception. You just won't be able to get very far simply by working harder - you need to work smarter.


For example - you could:


·         Attend industry seminars.

·         Follow industry news, and don't just listen to the media

·         Form your own ideas.

·         Find dynamic, successful people to learn from and then do what they do

·         Improve your essential job skills, then expand into related areas

·         Pick up additional hobbies to stretch yourself in new ways

·         Experiment


When you feel stuck in your job, like a hamster spinning on its

wheel, the worst thing you can do is to just "put your head down and keep going." That's not what your bosses want, nor what your company deserves.


Think up, think sideways, and think differently.


You can be your own best asset or worst enemy - it's up to you. But don't place responsibility on anything or anyone except you.


You're the one captaining your own ship.


John D. Allen – Allen Small Business Coaching



On Dec. 4 2000, John D. Allen came within one single hour of dying from a major brain aneurysm. Clinging to life, he was rushed into the operating room at the very last minute possible. You see, he was operated on during the 23rd hour of the critical 24 hour window aneurysm patients have if they are to have any chance at living.

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