Pillars for Success - Pillar #2


"A person is made up of three parts: the body, the soul, and the spirit. Three dimensions," Jim Rohn

You function best when you're in balance. Don't push so hard on one aspect of yourself that you forget about the rest. You'll be able to accomplish more, and think more clearly, when you're fully in tune with yourself.


If you look around for it, you'll see examples everywhere.

Celebrities are a good example. Starlets who overindulge in plastic surgery and workout regimens, but never break a mental sweat.


Professional athletes who spend 15 hours a day practicing drills and lifting weight, but ignore their spiritual selves entirely.


Each aspect of yourself--physical, mental, spiritual--is layered like an onion. It's supported by the layer beneath it. The

spiritual layer is the core, as deep down as you can get. It supports the mental layer, where your conscious mind lives.


And outside, on the surface, is the physical layer.


To really work on yourself, you need to acknowledge that you are all three parts. You can't leave any of them behind.


Begin working on yourself in three easy ways. And as you get better, find new ways to challenge yourself and keep growing.


- Spiritual: Spend some time each evening or morning with yourself. Choose an inspirational book to read, slowly savoring it.


- Mental: During your day, take brief breaks from your normal business to check in with your industry news. Take a moment and think about what you've just learned. Mental strength doesn't come simply from learning, but from your own thoughts about it.


- Physical: Make it a habit to walk around the neighborhood each evening. Take your spouse, or the dog, or a kid. You'll stretch  your legs and have a chance to connect with your walking partner.


John D. Allen – Allen Small Business Coaching



On Dec. 4 2000, John D. Allen came within one single hour of dying from a major brain aneurysm. Clinging to life, he was rushed into the operating room at the very last minute possible. You see, he was operated on during the 23rd hour of the critical 24 hour window aneurysm patients have if they are to have any chance at living.

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