Peak Performance Mindset Development is Not Just For Elite Athletes


To consistently perform at our best- reliably applying our experience and skills to the best of our ability - in any arena, depends on understanding and managing our focus and optimum state of mind - success is a mind game.

The book and foundation of our work with our clients provides a simple, universal and very powerful understanding of human experience and peak performance.

We are not our thoughts. Yet very often people are reacting, often negatively, to whatever happens around them, with correspondingly poor results, based on whatever thoughts and feelings get triggered by the situation.

We need to understand the fundamental power and nature of thought, have the consciousness for perspective on events and our own creative role in creating our experience of whatever happens around us. Without this we are at the mercy of events and ‘upsets' around us, with a corresponding reduction in the quality of our experience and performance.

It can look convincingly like things happen 'out there' in life and 'it' makes us feel the way we do and react the way we do. Even though this view looks real, we need to see the fundamental flaw in this picture, that ever moment we - out thoughts - are always the ones creating our experience from the Inside-Out. When we gain this advantage, we suddenly discover more choice in our ability to respond rather than react to what life throws at us - and perform more consistently at our best. We become more resilient to what ‘life' throws at us, less stressed and able to maintain a greater sense of calm under pressure.

When we learn to loosen the grip of our intellectual thinking in this way, only use it when it serves us and learn the value of being more fully present, other gifts also reveal themselves. Once understood this gives everyone the capability to access their innate and often untapped capacities for creativity, wisdom, connection, focus, leadership and sustainable peak performance.

'The intuitive and creative mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.' - Albert Einstein

To reliably and sustainably access these qualities and put them to work depends on our ability to understand, be aware of and apply particular states of mind. All of us have the capacity to do this; however, we generally need help with it.

When we learn to be more present and focused - free of our intellectual ‘commentary' thoughts - in the peak performance State of Mind our results improve and we gain greater consistency in work and others areas too such as golf, skiing, tennis, darts, music and relationships.

In addition to assisting clients become even more productive individually, our approach has been proven to assist even diverse and virtual teams to be more effective and to create a better understanding between individuals across different cultures and disciplines. This approach and understanding also generates greater well-being and resilience to stress.

The benefits of gaining this understanding, greater awareness, skill and discipline with how we use your mind consciously - rather than it using us - is... we get better results, with less effort, in less time and with less stress. That's not what I say it's what my clients repeatedly reported over the years.

Here's a few examples:

I am producing Strong, consistent and improving results with clients. I have better team cohesion. - generating a higher number of new high quality ideas for our clients. We have greater team leverage. My client load has increased 25% - I have no doubt that my greater focus and clarity have enabled me to service a wider number of clients more effectively in the same amount of time. I feel more in control of tasks and have a clearer view of my goals.

Robert Drake-Brockman, Citigroup

I have been able to focus far more clearly on my goals whether they be work or golf or personal and that I am now enjoying playing competitive golf again. I have entered the last three medals and been cut from 6.0 to 5.5.

Bryan Godwyn, M.D. G.A.E.

'I'm not joking when I say it's been incredibly valuable to me, really valuable. I just wish I'd found it 20 years ago. Everything has slowed down. It's like I've gone from fifth gear to about second. It's all still happening, but I'm not having to rush round in order to achieve the things I need to achieve. I've become a lot happier with what I'm doing and am a lot more content with what I'm doing'.

Steve Banks, IT Manager, Syngenta (Ex Astra -Zeneca)


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Steve Sharpley is a high performance individual, team and leadership development specialist. He is also a professional speaker and author of "Success Is a Mind Game: how to improve consistency and results in golf and business".

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