Part 1: Social Media for Business - Why, What, When, Who, And How?


It’s not surprising business people are confused by Social Media.

It’s been thrust upon us and heralded by some as the only way to communicate and the demise of traditional media. Yet do any of us really understand why we should bother, let alone what we are dealing with or how this will make a difference to our business? I have been engaged in online marketing for many years; I have seen what can be done with good online marketing campaigns and witnessed plenty of failures. Websites are fundamentally easy to understand; they are a system and a product, more aligned with traditional media than this emerging new media landscape.  Websites have been part of the business toolkit since the first one was published some 18 years ago and since then they have essentially remained the same - structured information portals with a set of predetermined outcomes, “See Me”, “Try Me”, “Buy Me” … me, me, me. The fundamental change as a result of Social Media is you. You are no longer an observer, you are a participant, you have a voice and your voice can make quite a difference to the conversation that is taking place … you, you, you. Because Social Media and the endless array of appl...


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