Overcoming The Epilepsy Monster


My story begins at age 8 after my little brother had been given a wooden billy cart for his birthday. Being the more extroverted one, I was keen to try out the new “vehicle” and see how it performed. At the end of our street, the intersecting road rolled down off the hill in a slightly more than gentle slope, culminating in a sweeping right turn at the bottom - excellent for testing my brother's new billy cart. Of course, he was too young to ride such a sophisticated piece of machinery, so I rode while he ran behind!

The theory of the ride was great: take the cart to the top of the hill,cascade down the footpath (sidewalk) to the bottom and hang a screeching right turn just before we catapulted across the intersecting street. It was on one of these runs that things went horribly wrong. A small, unpaved laneway crossed the street on which we were playing. We set off down the hill in the usual way when I noticed a car travelling down the road in the same direction. He made a left-­â€hand turn into the laneway,so I focused my attention on the end of the course. Unfortunately,the drunken driver then reversed across the road into the laneway which I was crossing!

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