New Business Ideas Spotted From Around The World


Here's a quick run-down of the new products and services that caught our attention this week:
Microloans (Image)

Microloans for clean energy in the developing world
Non-profit, social cause / Eco & sustainability.

Working on the premise that reliable energy is a key to fighting poverty, Energy in Common is a New York-based nonprofit that facilitates microloans to bring green energy to people in need.


Shoe (Image)


Labels for kids' gear use codes to track lost items
Life hacks

Toronto-based Oliver's Labels sells a wide variety of name labels in colourful designs and sizes. Should the labelled item be lost, a code can be used to inform the owner that it has been found.

Wood (Image) 



Reclaimed building materials with a story to tell
Homes & housing / Eco & sustainability

D-Build provides a place to track the stories of deconstructed buildings and reclaimed materials, as well as a marketplace to sell those materials and any products made from them.


Matchmaking (Image)

Matchmaking site for platonic friendships
Life hacks / Lifestyle & leisure

Seattle-based Companion Tree offers a variety of simple tools to help find people with similar interests, make a connection and meet up as friends. Ten percent of membership fees go to Save the Children.

 Cup (Image) Coffee roaster offers custom blends for fundraising
Non-profit, social cause / Food & beverage

Newhall Coffee for a Cause allows qualifying nonprofits to market and sell custom, branded blends from the roasting company. The nonprofits then receive a significant percentage of the proceeds.

 Hotel (Image) Five innovative hotel concepts
Tourism & travel / Eco & sustainability / Marketing & advertising

A hostel touting its energy efficiency, a hotel gym that generates electricity, two loyalty cards not bound to specific chains, and an events menu that promises to help attendees stay mentally sharp.

 Chips (Image) Frito-Lay shows consumers where their chips came from Food & beverage

Consumers enter their ZIP code along with the first three digits of the bag's product code; in return, the site gives them the specific location along with its annual output.

 Calendar (Image)  
Curated by moms, an online calendar of kids' activities
Media & publishing / Lifestyle & leisure

Ad-supported PlayPlanit gives San Francisco parents a calendar
of all the kid-friendly events happening in the city. The information
is searchable by age, location, availability, keywords and price.

 Couple (Image) Fixed camera mount for group photos in scenic spots
Tourism & travel

The fotopol is a camera mount for tourist locations that lets visitors get everyone in the picture. The pole can feature custom branding and a front panel has space for local information and advertising.

 Arm (Image) Clothing line designed for dialysis & infusion patients
Fashion & beauty / Life hacks

Libre Clothing produces garments with hidden access points to make it easier and more comfortable for patients to undergo treatments requiring intravenous lines, catheters or infusion tubes.

 Berries (Image) Cafe creates NGO to ensure fair trade with suppliers
Food & beverage / Non-profit, social cause

Vancouver's AGRO Cafe sources its coffee direct from small-scale farmers in Africa and Latin America through a nonprofit NGO established specifically for that purpose.

 Elderly (Image) Remote computer support for senior citizens
Life hacks

Actress Florence Henderson has started the FloH Club, a service offering 24/7 telephone computer support aimed at senior citizens. Prices range from USD 24.99 per month to USD 249.99 per year.




































































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