My Son Lachies First Steps And Getting First Steps Done Right In Business


My son Lachlan took his first steps yesterday. He's been climbing things for weeks (including the top of the television cabinet) but yesterday he took his first steps - so he's now cooking on a different planet entirely.

Pretty soon he'll be into everything and before I know it, hopefully I'll have him out in the surf with me.

But the whole thing really got me thinking about the concept of "first steps" in business...

Why do some start ups do well and others don't?

Why do some sales people succeed with certain clients and others don't?

Of all the projects that I have been involved in over the years - all the sales people I have coached, the business's and the sales roles I have had there's been one constant in the ones that had the best success...

Getting the first steps done right.

Because if you do that, if you get the first 15% of the project right the rest just flows.

If the foundation upon which the project is based is planned, strategised and solid, the rest simply falls in line with the start.

If on the other hand, your plan is ill conceived and haphazardly planned and lacks direction it's likely it will be a fizz.

It's the same with the sales process...

In sales Rapport is the first step. If we don't have rapport we literally have Jack.

Without rapport you literally can't begin a business conversation, so it only makes sense that you get good at it.

I am putting together a video that relates specifically to some of the best info I know of around rapport that I will have for you next week so keep your eye out for that.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love.

John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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