My Dear Manager


Wise words for managers everywhere.

Several years ago I joined your team and I was so excited. You told me what an exciting place this was to work; what a great team I would be joining and the amazing career opportunities that would open up for me once I had proved myself.

So I buckled down and worked my little butt off. Every time you said "Would anyone have time to do xyz for me?" I was there. Every time you asked "Can anyone stay late tonight we have a few things we need to get out?" I was there.

Time has passed, and yes, it is still an exciting place to work, and yes we do have a great team, but somehow, somewhere along the way, I started to lose heart. I used to come to meetings with masses of new ideas, but you always said "No time today, bring that back to the next meeting." I even tried making appointments with you to share some of those ideas, and to be fair, you did listen. But then you would usually say "Sorry, no budget for that right now, perhaps next year." The silly thing is those ideas would have saved us money in the long run, but I could never quite get you to listen to me.

I know you are really busy and stressed. I know you take a lot of flak from your manager to constantly get better results, and here I am waiting and wanting to help.

Several years ago I heard a woman talk about the five stages of a person's job or career; she said they were:

  1. New and lots to learn
  2. Happy (still lots of opportunity to learn new things)
  3. Bored (even the most exciting job performed day in and day out, will become boring!)
  4. Bored and a pain in the butt (she said we would recognize these people because they whinged and whined a lot)
  5. Quit & Stay (she said these people show up every day but their heart and soul and passion have long since gone; they just go through the motions.)

At the time I thought those last three stages would never apply to me, and yet here I am quietly moving into stage 3. I even hear myself occasionally whinging and whining, so perhaps I am further along than I thought!  I don't want to become a pain in the butt to you, and I absolutely don't want to become a Quit & Stay person either, I am worth more than that.

So how do I get you to listen to me? How do I get you to hear me? How do I get you to see I can help you in so many ways, if only you would let me? How do I get you to understand that unless things change, I will be looking for another job, and I don't want to do that, but staying here wasting my time and my talents and my passion is simply not an option for me.

Your used-to-be best-and-most-motivated employee.



Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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