Marketing Your Product and Services Through Social Media


Businesses are swamped with ways to market on Social Media; and sadly most businesses don’t know how to take advantage of that opportunity.

We all know that one of the best ways to promote your product is through word of mouth - a friend recommends a place to dine or stay, you WOULD take notice.

There are millions of people logged in 24/7 on different social media sites.

Think about the endless possibilities if you could have people recommend YOU through Social Media. You could take advantage of this amazing opportunity to market your product and services all day and night.

Social Media is today’s word of mouth – or eWOM!

How you can use Social Media as a marketing tool

  • Know your potential clients - Social Media will be useless if people don’t spend their time online on different sites such as Facebook. If they do, then you cannot just simply advertise your product and let go. Remember to present a product that will catch their interest. Share and post something that should be interesting enough for them to talk about. Take the initiative and maintain regular interaction with your potential clients.
  • Group Discussions and Forums - Joining a forum with people of same interest can also help to market your product and services. Explore and be in a specific group of people who share common interest. You will be able to know their insights, opinions and suggestions. It would be your chance to share your expertise and most importantly - introduce your product.
  • Blogs - Blog is actually shortened for web log. It started out during the early days of the internet, mostly logs of day to day activity. Now it has evolved. You can use it to promote and describe your product in a detailed manner. You can also link your other social media sites from your blog that is relevant to the services you're offering.


There are still other platforms available online, mostly combinations of what was mentioned above. One good example is Twitter where you can promote your product in short messages. It will appear in your follower’s page and again you can link your social media sites. Another one is LinkedIn, better suited for business to business type of services and presented in a professional manner. The list could go and on depending on their popularity and number of users.

The real challenge for entrepreneurs who wants to add social media marketing as one of their strategy is time and expertise. Given that you've managed to start from scratch and added those platforms as one of your marketing arsenal. You’re probably asking yourself if you have what it takes to maintain you're online presence. The Corporate Toolbox will take care of your social media marketing for you. While you concentrate your effort with productivity, their job is to make sure that your online presence from social media sites will always be available.


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