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You’ve got a business that ticks over like the tides, employees who can be trusted with the most difficult of tasks, and more profit than you’ll find in Scrooge McDuck’s vault of golden coins. But while you smell the fumes of cold hard cash, one problem with your workplace could stultify your entire enterprise – your exterior.

The outside area of your property is just as important as your actual workplace. It’s the face of your entire operation, the first sight to greet a budding client when they wander to your doors.

Imagine being a businessperson heading towards a grotty workplace. Your suit is crisp and your briefcase pristine, yet the sight greeting you looks like a location from The Wire.

Atrocious workplaces

The worst elements of urban life are in front of you – chewing gum on the pavements, litter blowing in the wind, kids hanging around street corners, and an architectural carbuncle that should be blotted from the landscape.

Modern offices would spit in the face of this workplace. They’d look at it like a brother they were ashamed of. And, inevitably, these workplaces would fall into neglect, whether they were in use or not.

Ugly paintjobs

The first sign of degradation is graffiti, and it could be a blight on your businesses’ prospects. It’s even become an issue for the government, costing them more than £1 billion per year to clean up.

Graffiti requires a lot of time and effort to remove, but it’s a necessity for your company. You might not have the cash flow to move from your rundown area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain an exterior that’s a cut above the rest.

A graffiti removal service can take care of nasty scrawls on your outside walls, and it doesn’t have to take long if you contact the right people. Our recommended experts are Rentokil, a long-established company that uses EcoBlasting technology to scrub your walls completely clean in a short period of time.

Despite the ‘blast’ of the title, this is a delicate process that will only remove the offending articles, not the baseline of paint.

Getting secure

But using specialists every time you spot some graffiti on your building is hardly cost-effective. What you need are a few preventative measures that’ll cut vandalism on your property altogether.

Start by installing a CCTV system to survey your property and make sure potential offenders can see it, too.

Security cameras have advanced since the bulky boxes of yore. Now they’re sleek, Bluetooth compatible and able to transmit images to your mobile phone, allowing you to keep an eye on your workplace wherever you are.

All these security measures are, however, a balancing act. You’ve got to be protected, but you don’t want your workplace to resemble an industrial military complex. That business client who was once put off by your shabby workplace will now be intimidated by it.

But if you can find the right level of security, you’ll have a clean-looking exterior that’ll warmly welcome any business client inside.


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