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We are undertaking a very short cycle project on the kinds of jobs that will be created in 10-20 years' time through advances in science and technology. Based on our initial research we've identified and defined ten new job roles that could become reality within 10-20 years time.

1. Personal Entertainment Programmer (1). Designers of in-person or electronic activities that will meet the need for individualised services.

2. Genomics Developer / Architect / Baby Designer (2). With the unravelling of the human genome, new roles could emerge to design personalised enhancements and select the genetic make-up of your unborn child. 

3. Resource Use Consultant. As environmental awareness rises, roles could emerge for advisors who help individual citizens grade the impact of every action / purchase / item and manage down the ecological footprint of our lifestyles and purchases.

4. Personal Enhancement Advisors. Advances in new materials and nanotechnology, cognitive science, natural therapies and pharmaceuticals will offer an increasingly broad range of legal (and illegal) personal enhancements. These could be used to give sports people a competitive edge, enhance our memory capacity when studying for exams or increase the strength and endurance of soldiers in the field. Roles could emerge professionals who take a holistic approach advising across a full range of possible enhancements.

5. Psycho-Customiser. Future generations of mobile phones could offer a range of applications to help monitor and manage stress levels and counsel us on key decisions. Tomorrow's retail assistant could perform behavioural assessments to help customise our devises to match our personality type.

6. Nano-Medic (2). Advances in nanotechnology offer the potential for a range of sub-atomic 'nanoscale' devices, inserts and procedures that could transform personal healthcare. A new range of nano medicine specialists will be required to administer these treatments.

7. Vertical Farmers. There is growing interest in the concept of city based vertical farms, with hydroponically-fed food being grown in multi-storey buildings. These offer the potential to dramatically increase farm yield and reduce environmental degradation. The managers of such entities will require expertise in a range of scientific disciplines, engineering and commerce.

8. Spaceline Pilots (1). With Virgin Galactic and others pioneering space tourism the need for space trained pilots will arise.

9. Climate Change Reversal Specialist. As the threats and impacts of climate change increase, a new breed of engineer-scientists will be required to help reduce or reverse the effects of climate change on particular locations. They will need to apply multi-disciplinary solutions ranging from filling the oceans with iron filings to erecting giant umbrellas that deflect the sun's rays.

10. Hydrogen Fuel Station Manager (3). A Ford Motor Company study found that Hydrogen could be cost-competitive with gasoline if refuelling stations were mass-produced. The hydrogen would be produced on-site, so managers would need an entirely different set of skills than those required in today's gas stations.

In addition to the jobs described above, we have also identified a further 20 interesting possibilities:

1. Professional VR Citizen

2. Second Life Lawyer

3. Human to Machine Download Controller

4. Machine Linguist

5. Complexity Manager / Gaiantologist

6. Robot Mechanic

7. Chief Health Officer

8. Telemedicine Technician

9. Pharmer of Genetically Engineered Crops and Livestock

10. Spaceport Designer

11. Space Tour Guide

12. Terraformer of the Moon and Other Planets

13. In-Company Gene Screener

14. Drowned City Specialist

15. Quarantine Enforcer

16. Biorefinery Operative

17. Holographer

18. Virtual Reality Actor

19. Narrowcaster

20. Dirigible Pilot


Author:  Rohit Talwar


 1) Joyce L Gioia '21st Century Career Planning' published by WFS in 'The Futurist'. Magazine

 2) 'Leona's Blog' (suggested by Kay E. Strong).


 3) Hannah Clark,


Rohit Talwar is a UK based global futurist, strategist, innovator and change agent.

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