It's OK to Say I Made A Mistake


It’s OK to say I made a mistake It takes courage to say ‘I was wrong’ It’s OK to say it didn’t work out like I planned It’s OK to move right along

How long do you stay with something gone sad?

How long do you send good money after bad?

How long do you work even harder and harder

at the dream that’s long since gone?


It’s OK to say I gave it my best

It’s OK to admit defeat

It’s OK to say I’m worth better than this

It’s vital to stop in your tracks


Don’t worry what others may think

Don’t worry if it causes a stink

What matters is YOU, your heart and your soul

Being sane, being fulfilled is surely the goal


So if right now you have feelings of failure

If in your heart you know things aren’t right

Admit it, accept it, acknowledge the learning

And know that some good will come out of the yearning


You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

But now you must decide to get on your legs

Get moving, get going, but know there’s a gift

That’s buried in what now seems quite a mess


Get moving to the next stage of your journey

Life’s too short to stay stuck in a bog

One day you’ll look back and put this in context

You’ll see it was all part of your growing


Go well my dear friend, don’t look over your shoulder

Move on, get going and believe

That you do have a purpose and you do have a mission

The goal is to be radiant and passionate and awesome


So hurry, don’t dally, get going, get gone

Close the door, pack your back, leave a note

‘I’ve decided that this doesn’t serve me any more’

Then walk down the path to the rest of your life


One day at the end you’ll look back

And reflect that the troubles and strife

Were NOT the worst times of it all

But the times you were challenged to be YOU


Ann Andrews


Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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