It's a Jungle Out there!


Here at The Corporate Toolbox we pride ourselves on uploading material by reputable authors, professional speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants. We also pride ourselves on always knowing the source of our material.


Ant Arrives (Image)
 Ant Produces 1 (Image)
 The Chief 1 (Image)
 Chief Idea 1 (Image)
 Cockroach 1 (Image)
 Clocking In 1 (Image)
 Secretary 1 (Image)
 Spider 1 (Image)
 Produce Graphs 1 (Image)
 New Computer 1 (Image)
 Fly 1 (Image)
 Paperwork 1 (Image)
 In Charge 1 (Image)
 Cicada 1 (Image)
 Optimisation Plan 1 (Image)
 Nobody Laughs 1 (Image)
Environment 1 (Image)
Production Less 1 (Image)
 Owl 1 (Image)
Overstaffed 1 (Image)
Lion Fires 1 (Image)
 Ant Fired 1 (Image)
 Characters 1 (Image)






































































































































































































































































































However, every now and again, something comes across our desk that is SO magical and wonderful, that we make a decision to upload it and hope that someone can tell us the source.

If you can help with the source of these cartoons we will be eternally grateful - they are stunning (and so true).

We've taken the liberty of giving it a title - It's a Jungle Out there!

Ann Andrews
MD The Corporate Toolbox



Guest Writer on Business and Success

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