Is It Time To Quit?


The U.S. government had written off a $50 million weather satellite. It had tumbled out of orbit and could not be controlled. It could only receive signals when it was in the correct position and, because of the tumbling, that was rare and unpredictable.

For eleven months, sixteen technicians used their lunch hours and breaks to try and contact the satellite. After 1,600 attempts, the satellite responded, was returned to its orbit and is again providing weather information for us.

We cannot overstate the value and importance of tenacity. No matter what anyone says about your goal or your dreams, as long as you believe in what you are trying to accomplish, you will find a way.

One of my clients wrote software code in his basement at night after his family had gone to bed. He built a company to take it to market and, in only a few years, sold it all to a major software company for nearly $100 million. Another group of employees who once played cards on their lunch hour decided to use that time to develop a service that would help financial services companies. In another state, employees of the same company used their lunch hours and evenings to develop an energy conservation product. In both cases, when they tendered their resignations to go out and start their own companies, their employer bought their ideas, set up companies to produce and sell them and then gave the employees choice positions.

Think about those satellite technicians. They could have given up after six months or after 1,000 attempts and everyone would have said they had made a valiant attempt at success. But they would not have succeeded, would they?

Know someone who is unemployed? Can you encourage them to use some of their time to pursue their dreams? What can you do to help them?

And what about you? Want to write a book? Find the time. Want to expand your knowledge? find the time.

For you, is it time to quit or is it time to start?

Chuck Reaves CSP, CPAE, CSO


Chuck Reaves CSP, CPAE is the founder of Twenty-One Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based sales training and consulting company.

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