Is 87% of Your Sales Training Investment Wasted?

by Guest Expert

Research has proven that 87% of information acquired during a sales training session will be lost one month later upon completion of the sales training program. This research was conducted by Huthwaite. Therefore, 87% of your time allocated to sales training is lost because the acquired knowledge is generally forgotten after 30 days!

What is the solution to this problem?

Avoid investing in one, two, three or more consecutive day sales training programs, whether they are public or in-house.

Invest in non-traditional ongoing sales training, sales management training, and/or “train-the-trainer” certification programs.

The ongoing sales training, coaching and re-enforcement sales training should be conducted on a weekly or monthly basis during low sales times.

The sales training is typically carried out by the sales manager, the in-house trainer, or an external resource.

Also, make sure there is a favourable working environment that allows for real world application, sharing of experiences, and coaching as needed.

Other research has shown that there is little or no correlation between sales training effectiveness and the sales training evaluation which is completed by the trainees immediately following the training. In reality they are just smile sheets that reflect the participant’s emotions at that particular time.


What is the solution to this problem as it pertains to sales training?

Clearly define your sales training objectives before considering any sales training program. It is virtually impossible to measure training effectiveness without setting clear and realistic objectives prior to the training.

What observable and/or measurable attitude, behaviour, competency and discipline changes do you expect from the participants following a sales training session?


Do you have tracking systems in place to measure the changes generated from the sales training?

The ultimate test of any sales training will be whether the objective based learning points can actually deliver better bottom line results when applied correctly in the real world.

The results from non-traditional ongoing sales training can range from attitude and behaviour changes to shorter sales cycles, increased margins and revenue, improved relationships, better communications, word of mouth referrals, and much, much more.

The problem with many organizations is they are still caught up in traditional and consultative selling methods which no longer work in today’s new economy of buyers.


To succeed in sales today, you must do the opposite of selling. You must learn how to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy.


Bob Urichuck

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