Is Your Style Current?


Recently I’ve had the experience of exploring an organisation that is way out of date. Tragically so.

They are falling elegantly and slowly into the Pit of Kaput, where they will be remembered with fondness amongst the other has-been, outworn, bygone businesses. How sad.

Their product offering is fabulous and the results they achieve are unquestionable. The delivery system is good but stuck in tradition, even bias. Transparency and generosity are publicly embraced but privately derided. There is an element of pomposity, of superiority (which goes down well with the emerging generations, doesn’t it??!!) And the management and leadership is very much command and control.

That’s necessary in some crises – but unless the shift to communication, inspiration and buy-in takes place fairly quickly, good intelligent people walk away, preferring to keep their self-respect.

How can you be a prosperous Communicator, Collaborator and Co-Creator with your team? With your staff, your suppliers, your shareholders?

What mindshifts do you need to accept and embrace? What new worlds do you need to envisage? And inspire? What communication skills do you need to grow?

Leadership is a buzz, a privilege, and the foundation of your business success, whether you are a solopreneur or the head of a large enterprise.


Catherine Palin Brinkworth CSP


Catherine Palin Brinkworth cut her teeth in one of the most challenging environments in the business world, building and managing teams of outstanding performers in the competitive financial services industry.

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