Is Your Candor One Way You're Standing Out From The Crowd?


Like you, I suspect, I am sick and tired of spin, BS, and double talk. I embrace candor with vigour and enthusiasm. My approach is reciprocated. The rewards are massive.

I have made No BS mentoring my profession. Candor is my trademark. It’s a large reason why I get to do business with the right people for me. Simon Sinek puts it this way: "The goal is not to do business with everyone who wants or needs what you have, it’s to deal with people who believe what you believe."

Is your candor one way you’re standing out from the crowd?


Here are 21 ways you can be candid. Embrace them in your own way and possibilities you only now dream about will become reality. Number 21 I call the BS Detector Pulse Check. See how you go with the 14 statements.

#1. Be yourself

The following is usually attributed to Oscar Wilde. He probably didn’t say it. It’s true whoever said it! ““Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

#2. Be transparent and willing to be vulnerable.

#3. Get very, very, very good at communicating what you really mean.

#4. Stop trying to please everyone. Instead do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.

#5. Seize each moment not just each day. A great lesson of life is that we can mess up a moment and immediately in the next moment do better.

#6. Call the shot on people who blame and shame.

#7. Stop making excuses and be accountable.

#8. Appreciate people when they do well and help others to be accountable.

There is a great technique in the vault section of the Changing What’s Normal site.

Go here and scroll down to Sparkenation 47 and download the Appreciation and Accountability technique and start using it today.

#9. Listen with your eyes and your heart and let people know you truly heard them before you share what is on your mind.

#10. Speak your mind only after you have shared from your heart.

#11. Ask for the business or for action. The answer is always no when you fail to ask.

#12. Take full responsibility for your intentions, feelings, thoughts and actions. Take no responsibility for other people’s intentions, feelings. thoughts and actions.

#13. Be 100% present or leave the room. As Nigel Risner says: “When you’re in the room, be in the room."

#14. If you find yourself taking offence to what others do or don’t do, get over it. You are not responsible for what other people do or don’t do.

#15. If for whatever reason you can’t keep a promise, be honest and upfront about why and tell people.

#16. Changing your mind is your prerogative. Explain truthfully why you have changed your mind and people will embrace you. If they don’t S.U.M.O (Shut Up Move On).

#17. S.U.M.O is a great concept from best selling author Paul McGee. S.U.M.O often.

#18. No and no thank you can be just as empowering as Please and Thank You. Say No and no thank as often as you say the other two.

#19. Do what you fear. “A life lived in fear, is a life half lived.”

#20. Call the shot on people when you feel they are spinning BS to you.

#21. Would you say yes emphatically to the following 14 statements? I call them the BS Detector Pulse Check.

1. I have a shared-view with my work colleagues about where we are, where weʼre going, why weʼre going there, how we will get there, who will do what and when, how we will know we're on track, how we will behave along the way.

2. I tell the truth as I see it.

3. I am admired for my openness and honesty.

4. I express appreciation to people when they perform at their best.

5. I have conversations with others daily that help them hold themselves to account.

6. I sense the deeper meaning in what people say.

7. I adapt to change without losing my integrity.

8. I call it when I detect BS.

9. I live my values regardless of the circumstances.

10. I am at ease with uncertainty.

11. I bond easily with people of like heart and mind.

12. I am committed to continuous learning.

13. I collaborate very well.

14. I know that it is not what happens or what is said that really matters, rather how I respond.

Be the difference you what to see in the world.


Ian Berry CSP


Ian Berry is a writer and international business speaker with unique expertise in why doing good is great for business.

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