I'm Saying Goodbye


If you're reading this it means my time on earth is done. I'm finished, kaput. There's no more I can do anymore, for good or for ill. My existence lasted a mere 365 days. Let me tell you it went by fast. My predecessor told me it would, but I didn't believe him. After all I'm a year. I'm a long time, right?

Now I’m done. My breathing is heavy and belabored. I used to be spry but now I’m tired.

I have to cede control to my successor; another new year.  I wish him the best. So much happens over the years. Mine had its moments. I was a part of war and rumors of war. I saw the economy sputter itself to some semblance of health. I oversaw the opening of movies good and bad. Families lives were altered, some irrevocably. Everyone grew older. I flew by.

So if I had any advice for the upcoming year it would be this (all cliches I’ll admit and obviously not exhaustive):

  • Handcraft each day to your liking, for it is unique
  • Grow deep through pain, since pain deepens us for growth
  • Eat more ice cream, don’t live so healthy all the time
  • Be a kinder person, it’s contagious
  • Love deeply. Is there any other way?
  • Let my days go by without regret, you can’t have them back anyway
  • Don’t plan too many years in advance. They haven’t come to life yet.
  • Re-imagine a hope-filled world, for the world is our home
  • Listen to the Beatles, and discover true craftsmanship.
  • Read more books, they make us more human
  • Take a nap everyday. The stats are out on it’s benefits
  • Don’t settle for mediocre coffee. Make the buzz mean something.
  • Exercise your soul. Meditate daily.
  • Live outside your comfort zone

So, see ya later and treat 2014 with dignity and respect and joy.

Jeff Vankooten



Jeff Vankooten is a highly regarded keynote speaker inspiring career agility and professional resilience in extraordinary change. He has spoken to a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, legal, and the US government.

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