I Know All That Business Stuff!


Knowing stuff about business isn't enough. Every day, thousands of knowledgeable business owners lead their businesses to failure.

The vital link missing between these knowledgeable business owners and their low performing or failing businesses is the quality of their unique and personal “inner filter”. This is a distinctive filter that we develop as entrepreneurs to translate what we know, appropriately and in a timely way, into our businesses
How we go about that interpretation process is influenced by our awareness of what our business needs, what might work, what actually works and why what is working today, might need to be adapted to work as well tomorrow.
Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ) is all about developing this awareness and identifies 4 species in the entrepreneurial jungle:

  •  The EnQ Fish Eagles know stuff. They know a lot of stuff and they take well-deserved pride in their academic skills and expertise. Left in their natural environment they can easily overlook the fact that knowing stuff and applying it appropriately are two different things - with two entirely different outcomes.
  •  The EnQ Baboons know a lot of people who know stuff. Appropriate application of that pool of knowledge gets easily misdirected when the many options become overwhelming.
  • The EnQ Rhino’s don’t know a lot of stuff. They have a longer road to travel to learn both stuff and application but this process can sometimes be simpler when learned simultaneously.
  • The EnQ Lions know a lot of stuff, and just as importantly, they apply their knowledge appropriately to their businesses. Their awareness filters are sharpened to survive in an environment that rewards results and not efforts.

Sandy Geyer



Educational Publisher, Author, Specialist sales trainer and business coach

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