How to Avoid Being Eaten By a Shark


Two weekends ago, I went surfing down in my old home Margaret River. (I actually missed last weekend's surf which was EPIC but i won't go into that).

It was Saturday and I was out surfing left handers - a really popular surf spot.

It was overcast, looking really "sharky" and there were only a small number of people out in the water. (3 including me to be exact).

I had only been out for about 40 minutes when one of the guys says to me...

"Looks like your going to have it to yourself mate"

I looked at him as if to say "yeah awesome mate I can't wait to be out here on my own" after all this place is the site of a Shark attack about 6 years ago.

So there I am in the surf all by myself.

10 years ago that would have been awesome but in the moment - no one out in the surf looking really overcast and no more than 1 week since the attack at bunker bay...

I got three more waves and went in.

The next day I went to the same spot and had awesome uncrowded waves with only 10 dudes out at a place that normally has 50+ dudes in the water on the weekend..

So where was everyone and what's this got to do with business?

well...Everyone is spooked by the recent Shark attacks which is why no one's surfing and hey I don't blame them
(plus my heart goes out to the families of the two people taken in recent months).

And it got me thinking...

You see, What's interesting is that I am seeing so many people spooked in business right now.

People not "paddling out" into the line up of business because they are afraid that things won't go well or they've had some negative experiences recently.

And while I'm not denying that certain markets are quiet what I know is this.

Going after the pro-active, switched on business's in areas where there is growth with new solutions to existing problems will mean you can win in any market.


I just paid 54 bucks for a hair cut and when I asked about how business was ???

Cranking - why? because they are doing aroma therapy and massage with the haircut (no, not that kind of massage)

I could give you examples from heaps of different industries.

So what to do about it??

Well...if you're in retail, after being harassed by a number of clients I am running another 1 Day Retail Sales Master Class on Monday 7th November.

I still have a handful of seats to fill so if you want the BEST chance of maximising every conversion opportunity whilst giving an exceptional retail client experience click here and I will email you the details.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love.


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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