How Often Do You Communicate With Your Data Base of Existing Clients and Prospects?


A really is good question...

Almost without fail, one of the most overlooked sources of business is a business's existing list of clients. 

In short, almost every business I work with is not communicating with these people on a regular enough basis 

What they don't know is... 

A customer/prospect list loses 10% of its value for every month that goes by without them communicating with it 

Which means for every month you do nothing, more and more people forget you even exist. 

And after 10 months the value of a list can literally diminish entirely.

The nature of the communication often plays second fiddle to the act of sending them something (meaning just sending 
something is more important because it keeps you top of mind) What you send only needs to be loosely relevant but contextually of interest for it to be effective 

By doing so, on an ongoing basis people develop a relationship with your company to a point that when or if they become 
ready to purchase your particular product or service, because you have taken the time to invest in them they are wayyyy more likely to chose you. 

I recommend a minimum of 2 communications per month and ideally 1 communication per week. 

Here's the resistance I get when I initially suggest this to clients.... 

We don't want to spam them, isn't that too much? 

my answer 

If you are sending them useful information and not pitching them in every email you are not spamming you are simply adding value. 

I wouldn't like to get that many emails it's too much 

my answer 

You are not your customer and if you are interested in a subject, you can't get too much information on it - in short who would read that many emails ? someone who is interested in buying from you. 

What if they unsubscribe? 

my answer 

They were not a candidate for your business anyway (btw this doesn't mean you give up on them you can still contact them 
by phone or direct mail if they are in your funnel) 

But I don't know what to write 

my answer 

Give me a break - have you become so close to your product or service that you have forgotten your clients don't even have 
a fraction of the knowledge of what you offer than what you do? 

I guarantee I could extract a wealth of knowledge from you that you could re-purpose to create literally dozens of valuable individual communications about your product or service. 

How can I be so sure ? 

Because this is what I do every day for my private clients 

Take care of yourself and the ones you love

John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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