How Discipline Alone Can Increase Sales By More Than 100%

by Guest Expert

Do you want to increase your sales by 200%? With the right attitude and discipline you can increase sales by over 200%.

Do you have the correct attitude to increase sales?

Does your attitude exhibit effective disciplines to increase sales?

Discipline is a commitment to the most important person in the world. Discipline signifies doing what you have to do even when you do not want to do it.

In sales, that can imply plenty, but let’s focus on increasing sales.

Primarily, to increase sales we need to establish a benchmark. Do you know your sales process numbers? For example, your sales call to close ratio? Yes ___ No ___

If you answered YES, you are utilizing discipline to inflate increased sales. You should be aware of your daily disciplines. What you have to do on a daily basis to increase sales results and what is the basis of these results.

If not, look intently at how you got those results. They will identify the proper disciplines required to increase sales.

If your answer is NO, you lack discipline and must begin tracking your daily behaviour. This includes your sales disciplines especially if you yearn to increase sales. Make note or track what you habitually do on a daily basis to increase sales?

You can track your daily disciplines by creating an uncomplicated form. Simply completing this form is a discipline. Across the top of this Discipline form, write your daily sales activity. Place the numbers 1- 31 down the side of the Discipline form representing each day of the month.

Indicate your sales disciplines in terms of a number or time in the column, constantly noting what you are doing to increase sales.

For example, disciplines to increase sales can be telephone – inbound / outbound, networking, referrals / introductions, etc which lead to buyer visits. Buyer visits lead to building relationships and qualifying for new opportunities. Qualified relationships lead to sales prescriptions (presentations) which in turn lead to buyers buying. Sales of $X equals increased sales.

By tracking your daily sales disciplines (activities), by totaling these disciplines at the end of the month and by averaging all disciplines, you will soon learn what we in the sales profession call, your sales call to close ratio in regards to increasing sales.

Before long you will be familiar with how many sales calls are required to make an appointment, i.e.: 10 to 1. How many buyer visits it takes to locate a qualified relationship, i.e.: 5 to 3?

How many qualified relationships lead to a sales presentation, i.e.: 3 to 2? Finally, how many presentations are necessary to get the buyer to buy from you, and the value of that sale?

Now that you know your numbers, you can define the daily sales disciplines (activities) essential to increase sales.

It is purely a matter of discipline and doing what you say you will do, even if you don’t feel like doing it. Discipline is the key to increased sales.

Convert each letter of the word Discipline to a numerical value. What is the total number? Imagine having attitude and discipline working for you and earning you a 200% increase in sales.


Bob Urichuck

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