How prepared is your organization in the event of a crisis?


Risk Management starts with being prepared

Answer each question  by circling with Yes, No or Sort of 

Do you have a clearly articulated and visible Vision Statement? Yes   No Sort of 
Do you have a Mission Statement that people in your organization have bought in to? Yes No Sort of
Have you articulated a set of Values that espouse the ethics of your organization? Yes No Sort of 
Do your recruitment processes reflect 1-3? Yes No Sort of 
Do you have succession plans in place in the event of a key worker leaving suddenly? Yes No Sort of 
Do you have a formal crisis response plan (who, when, what, where, how)? Yes No Sort of
Do you have a crisis response person/team? Yes No Sort of
Does that response plan have a process for dealing with social media (Twitter; Facebook; Youtube?) Yes No Sort of
Do you have a regular testing process for that plan? (Fire drill; earthquake response test; systems crash; power outage) Yes No Sort of
If an incident has happened, do you have an official review process? Yes  No Sort of
Once reviewed do you address the systems/processes? Yes  No Sort of
Or do you find someone to blame? Yes  No Sort of
Do you have an external media communication plan? Yes   No Sort of
Do you have a staff and a supplier contact list which is updated regularly? Yes No Sort of



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