How much Money do you leave on the table? Yes, the question wasn’t ARE YOU… its HOW MUCH?


Have you ever bought a coupon (Our Deal, Scoupon, Living social…) and loved what you bought but never returned to the business to buy more stuff?

And why not?

Usually because something else has come up to distract and ‘take your money’ BUT if the business had of stayed in touch with you and offered you opportunities to buy from them every so often, more than likely you would have invested more money with them. Would you agree?

It breaks my heart when I spend money with a business, who has spent time and money for me to get me to do so, and they never, EVER contact me again OR worse, I contact them to spend more money and they never get back to me!

Is your marketing breaking even or making you money?

If you have had any contact with me you know how I love to take “an action” once and have it pay me over and over.   When I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone! This is being EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE!

One of the easiest ways to do this is to automate marketing systems. The more you automate your marketing systems the more likely you market consistently. The more you have you have to do it ‘manually’ the more chances you market inconsistently or not at all.

So let me give you an idea of how you can make money using an automated marketing sequence the using the coupon example…

1. The coupon dealer agrees to promote your business to their very BIG list in exchange for a large chunk of your heavily discounted price.

2. You get heaps of sales and you tell buyers how to redeem their coupon and through the redemption process you collect their emails (This step can be automated… but many businesses don’t collect email addresses… and this is the VERY reason you strike up a deal in the first play. To build a list of people who want your product).

3. When the buyer goes to redeem their purchase they are offered another great deal to purchase (This step can be automated AND pays for the cost of getting that lead… and possibly makes you money too)

4. After they have enjoyed the deal you offer then another great deal (This can be automated)

5. And every week/month/occasion/as you need or want to… you email them great information and deals (this can be automated).

For 90% of businesses this marketing is left to chance and is usually squeezed out by other priorities, demands and distractions leaving thousands of dollars unclaimed by YOU!

And all of this can be set up ahead of time so that it executes like clock-work and your new client becomes a familiar face, loyal customer and advocate. There are blog sites that are make millions from this one simple action. Yes – Millions!

It’s not too late to for you to increase your profits with this simple action regardless of your tech skills. All you need are 3 simple things…

A Lead Magnet (eg a heavily discounted coupon offer… but it could be an information product … a low cost item and inexperience, the point is usually that it’s free or a great bargain!)

A squeeze page…a page on the internet where someone enters their email address in exchange for something of value to them

There are tools that can help you create well designed pages in literally  4 steps . I use:

Optimized press  (1 off payment and unlimited but a little more technical to use)
Get response (payment depends on your list size but is very reasonable)
And I have used Lead pages (more expensive but amazing pages)
These basically have pages created and all you need to do is edit the different elements to your offer and branding

3.  A way for people to see your lead magnet 

What is your next step?

Angie Spiteri


Angie is the speedy one helping business making time equal money

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