How Kicking Angels Help You Grow Your Business


You’ve heard of a guardian angel, haven’t you?

But what on earth is a kicking angel?
Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

It’s an angel that does the job of giving you a swiftie on your rear.

We got our first swiftie in the year 2002

We’d just set up Psychotactics. And we were looking to sell our products on the Internet. Um, did I say products? I meant ‘product.’

But as most of us do, we were waffling.
We’d been busy tweaking our website.
We had been searching for a merchant provider for a month or two.

We’d been thinking of setting up a sales page for about three months.
We’d been yiddling and yodelling, and doing diddly-squat.

Then along came the ‘kicking angel’

This kicking angel happened to be an Internet Marketer. He was kinda impressed with our first product, and promised to help us market it to his list.

“But here’s what you have to do first,” he said.
“I’ll give you a week to set up everything.
You’ll need to get a merchant account.
And write your sales page.

And set up an affiliate account.
And we’ll start marketing your product in September.
And your product will go to my list that’s well over 25,000 prospects.”

You know what we did next, don’t you?

Yup, in one week we did everything we’d been waffling about for well over a month. And then we went back to the Internet Marketer. And here’s what he said: “I’m a little busy doing promotions in September. How about October instead?”

October turned to November.
November turned to December.
Santa came and Santa went.
Our Internet Marketer was always too busy; too pre-occupied; too whatever.

We felt betrayed, and angry
And what we didn’t realise, was that this Internet Marketer wasn’t a guardian angel at all. He was a kicking angel. He’d got us moving. And as summer (yes, we have summer in December) rolled around, we started selling our product.

It was a measly 20-page booklet, but hey we were selling...

And doing a jig around the room every time yet another product sold.
Amazingly, our kicking angel never came back. Ever.

And that’s when it dawned on us

A kicking angel isn’t supposed to come back.
That’s what they’re there for.
To give you a kick.
They kicked us into starting workshops .
They kicked us into writing/creating a series of products.
They even came along, and cajoled us into starting the Protege Program–a biggie for us at the time.
There’s one who’s been kicking into starting up the Brain Audit Trainer program.

And here’s the irony of it all…

Kicking angels are classic ditchers.
They promise to help us promote.
They promise to buy into the product.
They promise to join a workshop.
They swear to be there to sign on the dotted line.

But they never ever show up again.

But in our desire to please these angels, we created products

And services.
And courses.
And workshops.
And our business grew.

It took us a while to realise the role of the kicking angel

That they weren’t our friendly neighbourhood volunteer. Not one of them even turned out to be a strategic alliance or customer. Their only job was to get us off our butts. So we could create stuff. And jig. Jig a lot.

The kicking angel is not a guardian angel by a long shot.

Their only job is to land that swiftie

And the funny thing is that they’ll keep at it, till you listen. If your bum is sore from getting all those swifties, it’s probably time. Time to listen to that kicking angel.

Are you listening?



15+ years ago, fresh out of college with a degree in accounting Sean de Souza joined an advertising agency where he *met* Leo Burnett, a man who had spent his lifetime in the hard trenches of communication and advertising.

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